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Our Cottage in the Woods - east elevation

No Frills Build Home Page


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Frill Free Zone (Blog)

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Alternative Home Construction Workshops

Alternative Building Gallery

Alternative Building Books

More Alternative Building Projects

Project Portfolio

Building the Root Cellar

The Mercantile

Building Bliss

The Eggporeum

Pearls Place

The Livery

Building the Alternative Way

Building Green Homes

Earth Shelter Root Cellar

Living Roof

Shipping Container Homes

Underground Homes

Passive Solar Home

Passive Cooling

Heating with Wood


Green Building Materials

Building with Stone

Country Steps

Building Construction Costs

The Tallyman Shack


Do Not Waste Water

Constructed Wetlands


Stoking the Furnace

Dutch Oven Stoup

Joyces Vegetable Soup

Cauliflower Cheese

Braised Vegetables

Teriyaki Pork

Grilled Steak

Tuna Salad

Secret Ingredients

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