Many thanks to the Crew and Volunteers

on Pearls Place project

Building a house is a huge proposition, and without our dependable crew and volunteers who showed up to help we could never have done it.

Left to right; Rod Brooks, Mike Paisley and Terry Pidwerbeski

Our budget for this project, Pearls Place, has been tweaked and massaged, but that doesn't change the fact that it's tiny.

We've been so grateful for the outpouring of support from friends and family who have showed up to help, some for days, others for just a few hours.  We thank you all!

Gord (The Tin Man) R.I.P.

Sadly, our good friend Gord (The Tin Man) - with the broom - passed away of heart condition complications November 17 2013.  We'll miss you, Gord...

Left to right; Terry Pidwerbeski, Mike Paisley and hydrant inspector, Bracken

Terry and Mike, supervised by Bracken as usual, inspect the footings for readiness for the next step.

Jacki Cammidge, overseeing the project

The designer and head honcho, Jacki, braves the rain for some cheerful chivvying and encouragement to the troops.

Left to right: Pierre Peron, Terry Pidwerbeski, Mike Paisley

The blue tarp is leaving and being replaced with actual metal roofing, just in time for another rainstorm.

We appreciate all you do for us; whether it's to show up with your toolbelt on, ready to erect walls, or a care package in hand to help us through a time when we didn't have much in the way of cooking facilities, or just to show an interest or help with a knotty problem, you all have contributed to this project.

Many thanks to all listed below in no particular order and anyone I may have missed;

Rod Brooks

Pierre and Sharon Peron

Terry Pidwerbeski

Janis and Ross Freer

Rick who drove the loader to move the trailer (sorry, I don't know your last name!)

Gord and Rose Taylor

Brian Taylor

Dave and Lezlie Russel

Pat and Jo Fisher

Gord (Tin Man)

Rick and Tammie Cammidge

John and Dina Smith

Doug Henshaw (Plumber)

Tyler and Greg (Electricians)

Jesse Hampf (Wood Stove Inspector)

Don (Building Inspector)

Josh and Erin Redding

Andy Surinak and Lorraine O'Conner

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