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The No Frills Team

We've been called the Masters of Disaster, and it's not why you think.  We master the disaster and chaos, bringing order to the mess.  Mike Paisley has been 'making honey out of dog doo' for many years now, using salvaged, scrounged and discarded wood, metal and other architectural detritus to make functional repairs.

Jacki Cammidge is webmaster of this site, and four others, mainly on gardening and related topics. 

Now it's time to move to a higher plane, and this is the year.  Building our own little cottage in the woods (25 acres of sheer rock bluffs, facing south, sharing it with many birds and wildlife) has been our dream for over a decade.  We've bitten the bullet, and now we're going to build our very own passive solar dwelling, set into the hillside.

Our piles of carefully salvaged lumber, metal roofing and many other building materials, have been waiting this time for ages; they are treasures to be used, not stored, so now after building many smaller sheds, root cellars, chicken houses and storage sheds, it's our turn.

Stay tuned as we begin this orchestrated dance of earth moving, form building and the making of doors and windows out of scrap.

Update, late summer 2013; due to the small slush fund from the sale of my online plant business, we decided that there wasn't enough to build our dream home in the hillside, so the plans have changed slightly; instead, a small 500 square foot cottage will be built at the foot of the mountain.  What's the hold up?  The soul sucking mobile home is right in the only place available to build.  More to follow...

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