Liquid Organic Fertilizer

Waste Not, Want Not...

The first time I heard about liquid organic fertilizer was many years ago and the name of an old lady gardener was bandied about with reference to using it on the raspberries.

Liquid Organic Fertilizer

Needless to say, the looks of disgust and giggles said it all; but she had the best flavored berries and the healthiest plants around.

Liquid organic fertilizer is clean, and there’s always a ready source of more.

It’s easy to apply, and can be put on a slow compost pile as an activator, diluted to fertilize row crops, or used as a fertilizer for cover crops which will be dug into the garden bed.

You may have guessed by now, liquid organic fertilizer (sometimes also referred to as L.O.F.) is human urine.

High in nitrogen and many other useful compounds, it is odourless until it makes contact with the air, after which it gets its characteristic odour of ammonia. Used immediately it has no smell.

In Mexico City in urban gardens on the rooftops it was necessary to find a cheap, readily available source of high nitrogen fertilizer for growing food crops.

The very poor people, women especially, were being encouraged to farm and raise food for their families as well as for sale, but the biggest stumbling block was the cost of chemical fertilizers.

The teachers found that making compost out of pig and chicken manure, leaves, kitchen scraps and other scrounged and free stuff and watering the crops with diluted urine was so successful that urban farming was born.

Now, a good percentage of poor people living in some of the most crowded cities in the world can not only raise their own organically grown food, they have plenty to sell to others not so fortunate.

Liquid organic fertilizer makes it all possible.

Other uses for liquid organic fertilizer?


Don’t use the liquid organic fertilizer from anyone who’s sick, and don’t try and store it for later use as it turns into ammonia.

Use it to keep bears and deer out of your garden.

Simply sprinkle around the fence line; most animals will respectfully keep away from the dangerous predator that marked the perimeter.

If you don’t like the idea of using liquid organic fertilizer on food crops, simply dilute it and use it to water a mulch bed; you’ll be amazed at the growth and health of your crop, and the vegetables you mulch with it.

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