Building Bliss

The Storage Shed on Skids

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In the process of preparing to build our house, first of all the building site had to be cleared - of a mobile home, that we live in.

Building Bliss - a moveable shed on skids

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Storage sheds seem to be our specialty, with recycling materials scrounged and salvaged from various carpentry jobs and demolition projects being lovingly reused.

Building Bliss was necessary to contain the overflow of the mobile while it's moved, while still having access in case we need the various things in storage is crucial.  Having on site storage for our household goods in much better than renting a storage unit, for instance. 

The best part?  This little shed can be used for overflow accommodation for visitors, or moved to a better site whenever we like.

The site for building this storage shed is actually the original house site, which we didn't have the budget for building on this year - making a shed on skids so it can be moved in the future is the answer.

We had a few salvaged materials to choose from, some reused from The Tallyman Shack, as well as logs felled on the property, so two of those made up the skid portion of the project;  click on any image to open the gallery for more details:

Preparation of the site...
The framework
Floor joists in place...
Walls prefabricated ready to move to the site
Walls in place and braced internally to hold them square...
The roof structure
Lock up - still needing a door, the front is covered with a tarp
It's official - the sign says so...

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