DIY Dog House

Give Your Pooch a Comfortable Home

Not all dogs are welcome indoors.  Even though we would love to have our dogs inside our house, often, they're too uncomfortable (think long haired breeds like huskies) or just too rambunctious (think border collies and Australian shepherds).

DIY Dog House

The solution is to build  them an outdoor house, so they can be comfortable in all weather, and keep watch on their surroundings, check out the livestock, or chase off marauders.

Dog House on TiresDog house on tires to keep the house up off the ground

There are lots of options for a diy dog house.  Generally, they need some type of floor to keep the dog up off the ground, so they can stay warm.

A foundation of a pallet or tires to prevent contact with the ground will keep it cleaner, and stop the dog house from deteriorating from dampness.

They also need a roof to keep out the rain and snow, and maybe a porch to prevent mud from getting in along with the dog.

DIY Dog House foundationDIY Dog House foundation - wooden pallets work well

There's no need for something really decorative (unless you want that) or too big.  Usually, kennels and dog houses need to be sized for the dog to enter standing, turn around, and lie down, without being cramped.

Cardboard BoxMake a super simple dog house from a cardboard box

If you have a porch, a simple box for some privacy is probably enough.  Fold up an old blanket or a few towels, and Rover will be fine.  But what if you would like something out in the yard so you can keep an eye on him through the window?

This will involve a bit more planning, especially if you plan on chaining your dog or keeping him confined.  Sturdy and made of materials that will resist chewing, digging or other self-soothing activities will work the best.

Hay BalesHay Bales make a cozy dog house option

Cheap or free options include building a square from hay or straw bales, on top of a pallet, adding a plywood roof to keep out the snow and rain.

Or a barrel, laid on its side, with a couple of bricks or scrap pieces of wood to stop it from rolling when the dog enters gives good protection from the weather.

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