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We've been looking for the ideal motorhome for our travel across Canada to the east coast. It hasn't gone well.


Fortunately, we didn't give up. We've kept looking, scanning the classified ads, contacting owners of potential candidates, and being disappointed time after time. 

Either the rig has some major defect that is not fixable, or has too many things wrong with it, or someone else gets there before us.

Finally, after several near misses, we bit the bullet and bought this rig sight unseen. 

The owners were happy to discuss Lilibet, and even did a Facetime video walk through with us, where we could ask any questions (does it have grab bars on the entrance? What is that storage space for? Is it a dually (two sets of tires on the back axle)?)

Why is she called Lilibet? The previous owners name is Elizabeth, and then the late queen Elizabeth was called Lilibet as a pet name, so the name stuck - we always come up with a name for RVs that we're looking at - Do Stuff, The Honey, Priscilla - all just to make it clear which rig we're talking about.

Prices have gone up astronomically for used motorhomes in the past couple of years - lockdown, perhaps?  People trying to be more physically distant could be buying up any RV they find that has all the amenities.

Lilibet has everything we need - she's 19' long, with a small bathroom (toilet and shower combined) a stove with three burners and an oven (propane powered) as well as two sleeping areas - one is a bunk over the cab, which would fit two smaller adults or a kid or two, and the dinette turns into a double bed. 

There is a lot of storage in the form of cupboards and little hidey holes, so we won't lack space to put a gravity chair and all the supplies.

lilibet-600x450.jpgLilibet the Motorhome

Whatever it lacks we'll add. Things like solar panels to charge a house battery which will power some LED lights, and some more grab bars for the shower, and for handholds while cooking will be a good use of our money.

As soon as Lilibet arrives from Cranbrook, we'll be doing an inspection to make sure we know what she's capable of, and what needs to be done to make her the perfect rig.

If it doesn't work out, we will gladly pass her along to a new owner - she has low mileage on the odometer, which is a huge plus for resale, and all the amenities needed for a great little home on wheels.

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