Roof Trusses

Engineered for snow load and other live loads

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We've had these trusses for a long time, just waiting for the right project - they were engineered, locally built and out of local wood too. 

Roof Trusses

We had a good crew, almost too many people, but everyone wanted to be a part of this crucial step in the construction of Pearls Place. 

Everyone had a part; Tammie swept the cobwebs and pine needles off the trusses after Rick and Gord brought them over to the site; John observed the safety regulations and gave directions, Terry straddled the top of the wall with skill and total lack of fear, Mike instructed the crew when to bring the next truss and Pierre tackled the attachment of several pieces of bracing.

Although it was fraught with some tension, eventually the trusses were all in place to the satisfaction of all.

The first truss in place...
Everyone wants to get in on the act...roof truss installation is so exciting!
Pretty much all on, the trusses make this project look more like a house...
What a long day; rain in the forecast, so bring out the tarps!
There's more to be done; bracing and getting the roof ready for roofing...

The roof still needs work; in the foreground you can see 2x4's for the strapping, and the long sheets of metal roofing that will keep out the rain and snow. 

For now, tarps have to do that job, with rain in the forecast they'll be called upon to keep the wet from the floor that is tongue and groove OSB. 

See the progress on the roof next...

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