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Funky Sheds, Natural Homes, Unique and Rustic Buildings

Handmade buildings, constructed of logs, scrounged materials, salvage or anything other people are discarding are beautiful and functional.

Alternative Building Gallery

Here's a look at some of the innovative ways people in my neighborhood and in other areas around the world are utilizing found materials, natural logs or other sustainable building materials for their home designed and built dwellings; click on any picture to open the gallery;

Log Cabin in the woods:

Building a home out of logs grown and harvested right where the house sits is the epitome of sustainability - there is low embodied energy in utilizing materials right on site, and with a view like this, who needs entertainment?

Hand built log home surrounded by woodsHand built log home surrounded by woods
The front door of this great log home is functional and welcoming (if a little sparely furnished!)The side view of the house; although simple in structure, the way the logs are joined together and shaped is graceful and fluid. The front door of this great log home is functional and welcoming (if a little sparely furnished!)
The view of the North ForkThe view of the North Fork from the front of this great log home is expansive; you feel as though you are in the clouds as the house is sited in a clearing on top of a hill.

Private Shack

Little sheds are so useful; whether you need a little line shack for guests to stay in for a countrified vacation, or as a work space for tying flies, painting or just as a private getaway which is off limits to visitors, the construction and materials can be very down to earth.  Charm is the order of the day...

Everyone needs a private space for their very own; if it's rustic and made of salvaged materials, so much the better...Scrounged and recycled building materials, creatively used to build a private space with innovation and charm adds delight to every property...
The color of the dark red paint is remeniscent of old time barns; oxblood and iron oxide...A new shiny metal roof will add years of use to the private shed; there is a saying, no roof, no house (sort of a take on no hoof, no horse, an old country saying).

Rustic Doors:

Find unique and unusual closures for ordinary plywood doors to add that distinctive differenceDoors can be functional and plain, or decorative; a simple plywood door gets a new look with a meat locker handle and lock...
Paint it blue, and add a bit of rustic trim for something nostalgic and charming...or refurbished found architectural salvage - if it isn't already sky blue, then paint it, add a bit of rustic trim to it, and enjoy...

Doors add the final touch to a little shed, or even a mansion; using something salvaged or hand built, and embellished with a bit of rustic flourish adds charm and character.

Ancient buildings like these two, the old farmhouse and the derelict church, are perfect opportunities for renovating something run down and neglected into a house or cottage.  Not for the faint hearted, sometimes these are not worth trying to renovate, because of foundation problems, extensive rot, or other catastrophic damage.

This heritage saltbox gives you some insight into old time construction techniques.

Abandoned farmhouse somewhere in Europe...What would you do with this little building? Do abandoned old houses speak to you, begging not to be neglected and left to fall down?
Tiny churches that have been decommissioned are a perfect project for the ambitious renovatorThe sturdy construction of most ancient churches and farmhouses makes them a perfect project; well built out of local materials in a vernacular style gives them the potential for resurrection.

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