Joyces Vegetable Soup

Nourishing thick soup made in a pressure cooker

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I remember my Mum making this soup back when I was a teenager; it was a staple in our house, when my parents were struggling to make ends meet.

If you have your woodstove going, and a pressure cooker, this is great soup to have simmering for a bit.  It's got some main ingredients, and then, like all soups, you can add your own special touches.

Joyces Vegetable Soup - thick and nourishing...

There are several ingredients that are standard; onions, chopped; leeks, celery, carrots and then the rest of it is up to you. 

Lentils and split peas are for adding bulk and fiber, of course, but they also act as thickening agents.

Herbs used can be fresh picked, or dried. I routinely use an Italian blend of thyme, sage, basil and oregano.

Mixed lentils and dried peas, and dried vegetable flakes
Olive oil to start sauteeing, chicken boullion and herbs for flavor
chopped up vegetables are sauteed first...
until soft...
vegetable flakes and mixed lentils and other grains are added...
and covered with water...
Joyces vegetable soup ingredients

A pressure cooker is not essential, but it sure saves some time.  This one has a button that pops up when the pressure is built up enough. 

Cooking the same soup in a regular pan will take hours; a pressure cooker cuts that time by a huge margin.  I cook soup like this in a half hour, depending on the ingredients.

Pressure cooker - note red button has popped up to prevent the lid being removed while cooking.

This is basically a 'throw it all into one pot and simmer for a while' recipe.  The trick is to add enough water; if you don't, and you have put in too much dried peas and lentils, it won't have enough water to cook and will burn on the bottom of the pan.  All things in moderation. 

Leave the pan to cool overnight if you can stand it, then reheat, enjoy with crusty bread or crackers. Letting it cool then reheating it makes all the difference in the taste.

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