Quick Cauliflower Cheese

Simple, and Gluten Free

I am the first to admit that I have some strange meals; some are simply leftovers, reheated.  Others I make fresh, but due to the fact that I have some dietary issues (wheat intolerant) I have to create my very own recipes.

Yum!  Cauliflower Cheese (or soup!)

Here's one that I make to be either a quick side dish (of vegetables, which sometimes get left by the wayside on a busy job site) or with a bit more liquid, it makes a great soup.

When I went to Fraser Valley College, they had a cafeteria which produced the most incredible and much sought after soups.  I guess with the courses they offer there, all outdoors type stuff, they need to figure out a great menu for the hard working students.

That's carried over to my job sites; one of the recipes that seemed to always be popular was Broccoli Cheese Soup - as the broccoli goes a bit soft when cooked, I started to substitute cauliflower. 

Then I was diagnosed with wheat intolerance, so I had to find something to use as a thickener other than wheat flour, hence the cream cheese.

All this to introduce one of my simple and nourishing meals; Quick Cauliflower Cheese.

There are basically four ingredients in this dish, and they should be adjusted to suit your needs and palate.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese (I prefer the brick type, not the softened kind in a tub.) I've also developed a problem with dairy, so now I use goat cream cheese and it's just as good.

Sharp Cheddar Cheese - grated (also comes in goat).

Milk - 2% or Homogenized - nowadays there are so many other non-dairy choices for milk - try Cashew Silk or other nut milk.

Cauliflower, cut into bite sized pieces.

Steps to follow;

Place the cut up cauliflower in a Pyrex jug or heat proof dish

Cover with the milk

Microwave on high for two to three minutes

Stir and add the grated cheddar cheese and the cream cheese cut into small pieces

Microwave for a minute or two longer.  Add freshly grated pepper, and my secret ingredient, dry salad dressing mix for flavor - the best kind is Country Herb, by Club House, but there are other options - time for some experimenting to make this recipe your own.

Enjoy in a blue stoneware bowl (like this one from Cammidge Pottery), or other kind of special dish.

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