Trials and Tribulations...

It Never Ends!

I always try to be cheerful; I'm one of those glass half full types, always seeing the good side of even a bad situation, staying optimistic, and seeing the silver lining.

Up to date - November 25 2013

Sometimes, though, it's hard slogging.  Things conspire against the home builder; either it's a shortfall in the budget, or cost more than anticipated, or an unexpected expense crops up.  My favorite added expense is when the vanity you thought you were going to use (free) is replaced by an impulse buy from a friend - and costs over $100.

If you've got all the vapor barrier up and sealed off in the main part of the house and only one small room left to go, don't be surprised to see condensation - big time - on the underside of the roofing, dripping onto newly installed insulation.

Windows are a place fraught with endless possibilities; good and bad.  Wooden windows, even those that have double paned glass in a sealed unit can give you issues. 

Doors are warped, sometimes badly enough that  you can't possibly use that much weatherstripping.

Tempers can be short, and there's sometimes things said that would be better not.

As if that isn't bad enough, with all that you've battled and rolled your eyes at, try having a backlash of Multiple Sclerosis, which can be dormant for ages, only to rear up again if you get stressed or sick.  Oh, yeah, the cheerful demeanor of even a dyed in the wool optimist can get a bit shaky then.

Sometimes the one factor you have no control over is the weather.  A partially completed mudroom, the coldest weather so far this winter (-20 Celcius) and the addition of some mistaken heating contributed to the build up of condensation, which then froze. 

The result? 

Dripping water and moisture damage to one wall of the mudroom. 

After a lot of cursing, and pulling out wet Roxul insulation, and a period of regrouping, the issue is getting rectified (more air flow in the roof, insulation in the one wall of the house that didn't have enough so was cold and caused condensation) and we're good to go.

The good side is that although all these things can make even a good tempered person exasperated and frustrated, in the end it's all worth it; your house is snug and cozy, and so what if there are still things that need doing?  Spend your weekends catching up with painting and drywalling, and making kitchen cabinets. 

Once it's all in place, then you can heave a huge sigh of relief, and pour yourself a mug of coffee to drink on your newly installed deck; you deserve it.

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