Super Simple Chicken Parmesan

Easy and Quick Recipe

There's nothing like having a few recipes in your repertoire that are quick to make, nutritious and delicious.  This is one that I developed a few years ago, and it's now become the Specialite de Maison in my house.

Super Simple Chicken Parmesan - delicious!

Simple ingredients that you most likely have in your cupboard or fridge, such as mild salsa in a jar, some frozen chicken breasts, mozzerella cheese and parmesan cheese are all you need.

Super Simple Chicken Parmesan ingredients...

This is one of those recipes that you won't even need a recipe, if you know what I mean; slap a frozen chicken breast in a baking dish, slather on a cup of mild salsa, stick a couple of chunks of mozzerella cheese on it, and sprinkle with parmesan.

There are other options for cheese; goat cheese is a great alternative, or experiment with vegan options.

Use one chicken breast per person - the left overs (if there are any) are fine in the fridge until the next day; reheat in the microwave.

Assemble the four ingredients like this...

Bake in the oven set at 400 degrees for 35 - 45 minutes, depending on the size of the chicken breast, boil up some penne or other pasta.

I use Tinkyada rice noodles, which are gluten free, but you can use any kind of wheat noodles instead; and there is dinner. 

You can serve it with a green or Caesar salad, if needed.

Yum!  Bon Apetit!

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