Making Chaps From Logging Pants

Reuse, Recycle, Don't Waste a Thing

Logging pants are specially designed to prevent the logger from being harmed by the chain saw. 

Making Chaps From Logging Pants (or not)

The way they work is that if the spinning chain hits the part of the leg protected by them, the insides of the patches fray and clog the machine, stopping the chainsaw dead in its tracks, before it can hit flesh.

Needless to say, you don't use them again after this happens. I knew someone who was cutting firewood, the chainsaw slipped, and he wasn't wearing logging pants or chaps. 

The outcome was catastrophic. 

He made it back to his truck, but had no cell service, and bled to death. 

All for the sake of a few bucks for the logging pants.

Making Chaps From Logging PantsMaking chaps from logging pants - this is the before picture...

Twenty years ago, Mike was a few pounds lighter, and a lot more svelte. 

Now, the logging pants don't fit. 

So I figured out a way to salvage the padded parts and attach them to an old (much too large) pair of jeans, to make them into chaps.

Now he'll be able to carry on with the fire mitigation project, delimbing and cutting the downed trees to length.

Okay, this project came to a grinding halt when I discovered that  a brand new pair of logging pants or chaps cost under $100. 

Sometimes it's false economy to try to salvage something to make safety gear. 

Mike agreed, and bought a pair of logging chaps, with the same features that the original pants had; kevlar pockets with infilled polyester which will stop the spinning chain on the chainsaw in milliseconds, preventing damage to the tender skin beneath.

Whether you choose chaps in an apron style, or complete pants, make sure they have this safety feature built in; Pay more for pants, or a bit less for chaps - depending on how much you're using a chainsaw, and which are more comfortable for the weather you're working in.

Choices from Amazon;

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