Deer Collision Avoidance

How to Prevent Wildlife Death

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We've all seen it; a herd of deer stands on the side of the road, grazing, but when they spot your car, they all dart, suicidally, into traffic.

Deer Collision Avoidance

Deer and their cousins elk and moose, are fragile legged things, with top heavy bodies.  When they run out in front of a logging truck, they have no idea how vulnerable they are until it hits them.

Anywhere there are mountains and trees, you'll get deer.  They roam at night too, not just during the day, and the only warning you'll get is the reflection of your headlights on the 'tapetum lucidum' at the back of their eyes, making them glow green.

The damage a deer can do to your vehicle is catastrophic.  Insurance rates go up in areas with a lot of deer strikes, so it's worth going the extra mile to prevent them from being hit.

It's especially important not to hit a deer on a motorcycle. This can be fatal, both for the animal, and the rider. 

But how do you prevent it?

Deer whistles are small plastic devices that stick on to any forward part of your vehicle, most often in the front grill or on the bumper. They come in chrome or black, so they blend in and are not unsightly.  In fact, most people won't even notice them on your car.  But the deer sure will!

You'll see deer raise their heads in puzzlement as the whistling vehicle approaches - you can't hear it, but they do.  It gives them a heads up, and then they'll run off - AWAY from the road, not into it.

Reviews from readers indicate that these deer whistles, available at any automotive supply store or many hardware stores, work.

Don't let the cheap price of these devices fool you.  They stay in place for a long time, even going through the car wash if you take the top (whistle) part off.  I buy them for every vehicle I own, even give them as gifts for new car buyers I know.

Bell Automotive-22-1-01000-8 Bell Deer Warning Unit, Black, PR Bell Automotive 22-1-01001-8 Chrome Deer Warning

Apparently, they also work to deter dogs (and other canids like coyotes and foxes) from crossing the road right in your path.

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