Potato Soup

The Ultimate Comfort Food

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Sometimes, you just need comfort food, and this Potato Soup is the solution.


Someone sick in the household?  Cold from a day on the slopes or the ice rink?  Sad from the loss of a pet?  Bring on the potato soup, and feel better.

There are many ways to make this a unique meal, either for lunch or as a dinner.  The starchy potatoes fill you up, and all the other ingredients play a supporting role.

Cook it in a large spaghetti pot, or my favorite, a Lagostina pressure cooker.  This is one soup that needs to simmer for a bit, so the pressure cooker will get that done faster.

Here's what you'll need;

  • Three or so large potatoes - Russets work well, or any other type. Chop into large dice, peeling not necessary unless you prefer it.

  • One large onion,  chopped fine, or use dehydrated onion powder and omit the tears.

  • Three or four sticks of celery, washed and chopped into dice.

  • Three cups or so of chicken stock, prepared, or use chicken boullion cubes or liquid and three cups of water.

  • Italian seasoning, herbs, sage or oregano.

  • Olive oil or butter to saute the potatoes and onions in.

Saute onions and potatoes until shiny in the olive oil or butter.  Add the celery, stir around - cook for a few minutes until slightly softened.  Then add the chicken boullion, herbs. 

Put the lid on if you're using a pressure cooker, simmer for about half an hour, longer if it's in the spaghetti pot, until the potatoes are soft.

Take it off the heat, and let cool.  Then, run it through the blender for invalids who need soft food, reheat to serve.

Put grated cheese and a small amount of milk or cream in each bowl. Top up with the soup, either blended or not.  The soup has to be hot to melt the cheese enough to stir it in.

The soup stores in the fridge for a day or two, but freeze it in recycled yogurt containers or tupperware if you want it to keep for a longer period, up to two months.  Make lots, this will be a hit and quite possibly make it onto the winter rotation. 

Additions like chicken breasts (just put them in the soup frozen, then take them out to cut them up after cooking) will add protein.

The best cheese to use is sharp, aged chedder, but use what you have.  For more cheesy flavor, add some 'nootch'.

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