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Dogs can only sweat through their tongues, and the pads of their feet.

Keeping Dogs Cool in Summer

They suffer from the heat in summer because they can't get rid of the excess heat from their bodies. 

This can be bad news; if you have a dog that is panting excessively, and their tongue is turning blue, you know you have a problem, and it's not something that can be fixed with just a drink of water.

Dogs can and do die from not being able to cool off, and because they can't do it themselves, they rely on us to help them.

  • Have a fan low to the ground - a desktop model can be put on the floor so it blows air onto them at their own level.

  • Have a damp towel, cloth or old t-shirt that you can drape over your dog to help with evaporative cooling.

  • Put a cold pack on their back while they're lying down - don't put it directly on them, have a towel, cloth or other protective layer to prevent their skin from damage.

  • Other management techniques include giving your dog a haircut during the hottest months, allowing time for their coat to grow back before it gets cold again, using other ways to keep your house cool, and passive cooling techniques.

  • There are cooling vests you can buy. There are lots to choose from, in many different sizes and models to suit every dog.
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