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Wire A Lamp - DIY

Wiring a Swag Lamp is simple

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Don't let it intimidate you; my brother gave me a swag lamp kit, with everything you need to wire up your very own lamp, complete with instructions.

The finished swag lamp, ready to read by

I accumulate stuff that just needs to be fixed, tweaked or refurbished - the green industrial lamp shade was exactly the right thing for this project. 

It's heavy and old, with a few character marks (read; dings and scrapes) and it deserves a new home where it's well treated and loved.

Swag Lamp Instructions...

All it takes is to follow those instructions, and have a few common tools, like a flat head screwdriver and needle nose pliers.

The instruction sheet explained how to thread the electrical cord through the chain - no, really! 

Then you put the unfinished end through the lamp shade or fixture, and wire it up to the bakelite light bulb holder.  It took me a bit longer than the average handy person, because I didn't want any nasty surprises, like electrocution.

I tested it on a ground fault plug, just in case, and it worked great.  Now it's hung up in my corner, ready to go if I want to read.

Custom wired swag lamp...

If it looks like the lampshade is rustic and rusty and has seen better days, that's because it has.  Why buck the trend?  I have a fanatic attraction to old the worn out stuff, refurbished and made new again.

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