T-Shirt Slogans

Funny Sayings to Live By

There are lots of t-shirts out there with sayings on, why make up more?

T-Shirt Slogans

Mainly this list is put together by me and some friends for our own enjoyment. 

Slogans on a t-shirt need to be short, so they can fit in larger font visible from a distance, and pithy.

They need to be something that hits home for you, regardless of whether anyone else thinks they are funny.

This is my most recent set of favorite slogans;

"Everything I Let Go of Has Claw Marks"

This one hits home; I recently underwent surgery, which put the whole prospect of getting a service dog puppy on the back burner - way at the back. 

This has been a long-held dream for me, but trying to come back from two back-to-back surgeries has to take my full attention.  A puppy at this stage would not be beneficial.  Maybe I'll feel differently after I have a chance to heal.

My goal for the future is to allow things to move away from me gracefully, instead of me jealously hanging on for dear life.  I want to release things that no longer serve me instead of beating them to death with my possessiveness. From  now on, my biggest saying will be 'I release you'.

Another slogan I live by, which is equally apt, is

"Live Each Day As Though It's Your Last, Because One Day You'll Be Right" 

I almost was right.  The first surgery was elective, but quickly went sideways at about day four of recovery, moving us into 2.0; emergency hernia repair.

The recovery is now underway for both, and seems to be looking good.  I'm not taking any chances of a relapse or a disastrous collapse of the structures involved.

Another saying that crops up a lot is

"If You Think You Can Do a Better Job, Fly At It"

This one is aimed a lot at people who seem to be armchair quarterback types, complaining about the jobs others do on the front lines of politics especially.

Take on the responsibility of making a change, instead of just micro managing and disparaging those that try to be proactive.  Start a new political party. Support those in power that think the same way you do.  Be the change you want to see in the world, don't just follow blindly. 

"My Alone Time Keeps Everybody Safe"

All introverts will relate to this succinct statement. I treasure my solitary times, without interruptions from other people needing my attention.  Meditating, cogitating and dreaming are all important sole activities, and can be done in an outdoor setting, or inside.

What are some t-shirt slogans that mean something to you?

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