How to Kill Flies

Some simple non-toxic solutions to an annoying problem

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You're sitting outside enjoying the beautiful summer weather, until the flies find you.  It doesn't take long before you're chased inside to avoid them.  What can you do?

How to Kill Flies

In the case of cluster flies, blow flies and other similar types, the one thing that they have in common is their attraction to certain things.  One of those things is anything alive, like us, or our pets.

I've tried lots of different kinds of traps, both purchased and home made, and while they seem to all work to a certain extent, the most successful one is this blue and green patterned one covered with sticky substance, which the flies are attracted to, set down to investigate, and get stuck.

The horrible part of it is that it also attracts butterflies and bees, and it also takes a while for the stuck flies to die.  I put the trap inside a bird cage to prevent the butterflies getting too close, but unfortunately, there's nothing I can do for the bees.

This little Pacific Tree Frog took advantage of this - and for a heart stopping few minutes I was afraid that he would get stuck too.   Fortunately, not.
Later, he was spotted snuggled up under the pop bottle.

What not to use; the cheaper single sheets of sticky coated paper are pretty much useless.  The red arrow points to the single fly caught on this trap and it's been out the same amount of time as the other more successful one pictured above.

I have also tried fly strips that pull out of a tube, again; useless.

Keep in mind that no single method of killing flies will work 100%.

Inviting birds to nest, and making it a safe environment for all the other fly devouring creatures like snakes, lizards and yes, frogs will take care of a lot of the population and make it more comfortable for you to enjoy your garden again.

The best solution I've found for killing those annoying biting flies is these RESCUE! Non-Toxic TrapStik for Flies. They catch lots on the very sticky surface, but frogs are exempt! They use the trap as their personal larder.

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