Bat Guano

High Nitrogen Natural Fertilizer

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Bat guano is only one of many types of animal manure.  Chickens and sea birds among others produce similar high nitrogen fertilizer from natural sources.

Bat Guano

There are very few places in North America where  you could collect your own.  Most of it is sourced in South America, from bat colonies that are decades old. As you may imagine, there is a lot of guano there! Many generations of bats live continuously in the same caves.

Sadly, these colonies are at risk.  This is due to not only the disturbance of the people collecting it - which is during the day when the bats are trying to sleep - but there is a new threat. 

Over the last few years, White Nose Syndrome caused by a fungus is becoming very serious, and affects bats as they hibernate.

Some colonies have lost a high percentage of their members, and the fungus is spreading quickly from cave to cave - thanks to humans.

The biggest impact for us as gardeners is that eventually there won't be any access to bat guano packaged in nice clean plastic bags.  Start thinking now of what you could use for a substitute, like chicken manure for one.

Meanwhile, it's still available, so don't hesitate to pick up a bag or two for your own use. 

How Do You Use Bat Guano?

In most brands, bat guano will be somewhat processed, even pulverized. 

This type of formulation makes it so much easier to use; simple sprinkle it around the base of the plants that need it. 

Rain fall or irrigation will dilute it and wash it in to the root area.

Caution; all high nitrogen fertilizers are very strong.  You don't need much to make a big impact, and too much is often the death knell for plants.  A little is enough.

Bat guano from Mother Earth has an analysis of 5-3-1, which means it's perfect for vegetative plants, flowers and tomatoes. Apparently the odor is strong while spreading it, but it dissipates quickly - use a mask and gloves to prevent harm to your lungs and skin.

This formulation of fish and bat guano combines two of natures best fertilizers. Best of all, it's a liquid concentrate, which can be diluted and applied to plants monthly, either on the soil or as a foliar spray. It had an analysis of 9-6-2, so lots stronger.

Use immediately after mixing, as this too has a strong smell.

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