Antique Violin Case

To Match Great Grandads Legacy

Great Grandad built a violin, then a case to put it in.  Obviously, the case is made specifically for this little 3/4 size violin.  The interior was originally green baize, but in my youthful enthusiasm, I redid it in blue felt.  Not my best moment.

picture of an antique violin, in a wooden case

So now, I'm going to send it off (if I can bear to be parted from it) to a professional restorer of old violins and other bowed instruments. 

The case is in rough shape; not only did I try to redo the interior, I took the hinges off one side, and luckily, only lost the tiny screws. Something stopped me from taking the hinges off entirely, or they would be gone too, which would truly be a shame.

Antique violin case, wrapped to prevent openingAntique violin case, wrapped in strips of cloth to prevent opening - notice the damaged lock area

This case, built around the end of the 19th century, seems to be created from a single block of wood, carved into the shape, then the interior is carved out to fit.  The hinges and the handle are brass, and the screws to match are the same metal.

Unwrapping the violin caseUnwrapping the violin case by unwinding the fabric strips

The bows (two of them, with mother-of-pearl inlay) are a tiny bit too long for the case. 

One of my questions to the cabinet maker will be, can you shorten them by about half an inch so they will fit better and allow the lid of the case to close - without reducing their value?

Revealing the violin in the caseRevealing the violin in the case - the black scarf is the original protection for the instrument

The outside finish of the piece should stay the same - however, I would like to remove the glue of the duct tape someone used to hold it closed. 

The area around the lock, and the lock itself, need work too. 

It looks like someone lost the key, and hacked the lock out.  That was not me. I don't know how it's possible to fix that, except with some kind of wood filler.

brass hingebeautiful brass hinge on the violin case

The hinges are completely unique.  I've never seen any like this before - ornate, yet strong looking.

Brass handleBrass handle on the case - it's unusual in that it is on the top, not the side

The brass handle is not that common, although it resembles some that I have seen on dresser drawers.  The age is apparent, this is no modern thingamabob.

A new key, a new lining to show off that pretty violin, and it will be all ready for a display, and to use.

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