Plant Pests Handbook

Organic Pest Control

If you're just beginning your journey into the wilds of organic gardening, there's no need to fear the unknown.

Plant Pests  Handbook

Whether you're brand new to this method of raising your own food, or you've been successfully gardening organically for years, this e-book is a useful resource to identify the good, and the bad.

Everyone at some point or other gets disheartened and disillusioned when their meticulously prepared beds of vegetables get ravaged by pests, whether winged, or four legged.

What you'll get in this e-Book;

  • Recipes to defeat the pests without damaging the earth and beneficials
  • Sound advice to keep your plants safe from harm
  • Encouragement to keep going!

This instant download of my e-book will help you determine what the pest is, first of all, and then detailed steps in how to deal with them.

I've been there; eagerly awaiting that first crunchy, delicious carrot, only to witness it being dragged underground before your very eyes!

How can you combat this creature, whatever it is? I've got some foolproof ways to have a poison free garden, while still getting your vegetables before the invaders do.

Download this e-book for only $3.99 instantly to your computer and you will be armed and dangerous right now, to the critters eating your garden.

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