Composting; Tips, Tutorials and Troubleshooting E-Book

Composting is easy!  You've heard this before; just stick your banana peels, coffee grounds and apple cores in a pile, and before you know it, magic!  You've got Black Gold to use on your plants for fertilizer.

Composting; Tips, Tutorials and Troubleshooting E-Book

Guess what?  It's NOT that easy.  There are a ton of things that can go wrong, and you just end up with either a slimy mess, or nothing changes; months later, all your compost ingredients look exactly the same as when you added them!

This e-book contains all the information you'll need to succeed beyond your wildest expectations. You will be able to make compost, even if all your previous efforts have failed miserably. Whether your climate is cold and rainy, or dry and windswept, there are tips and tutorials for getting your compost to work.

I've made all the mistakes, now you can skip the learning curve and have successful compost to add to your garden in weeks or months, not years.

And, if it just so happens that things go wrong for you, there is a whole section on troubleshooting to get you on track again without starting from scratch. Take your composting to the next level, gain the confidence to know how to pivot and prevent problems, or when to add one simple ingredient to change the pH.

I've learned over the many years that I've been gardening that there are many ways to make compost, and I can guarantee that one way or another is exactly right for your situation.

The ingredients available to you will be different than what  I can get in my local area.  The beauty of composting is that you can make it out of almost anything, as long as it's more than one ingredient.  The more sources the better - this ensures that all the nutrients from the original materials will also be in the finished compost.

Combine yard waste like lawn clippings and tree prunings with potato peelings and carrot tops from the kitchen.  Add a little mature compost from a previous batch (or a sprinkle of garden soil) to make sure you have the right selection of micro-organisms, specific to your garden.  Then stand back.

There are as many ways to successfully make black gold out of kitchen scraps as there are gardeners. 

Let me help you figure out the best way for you for just $3.99 USD!

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