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Frill Free Zone Newsletter
November 15, 2023

It's pretty exciting to start from scratch,with a new garden. Although the previous owner put in a small vegetable garden and some flower beds, I need more.

November 15 2023

The small veg garden was poorly planned, and not disabled friendly. Narrow pathways are a tripping hazard for someone with dropped foot like mine, so we redesigned it to have wide raised beds and walkways that can accommodate a walker, if needed.

One of the beds at the end of the garden required the most serious makeover, and we made it into a hugelkultur bed . This will help eliminate the flooding that happens at that end, and will be well suited for the sage, thyme, garlic and strawberries. I might also plant some lovage and in the spring, peas on a twig trellis.

So many ideas, I have to make sure to write them all down.

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