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Frill Free Zone Newsletter
May 15, 2023

Two steps forward, three steps back! In the midst of packing for our travel across the continent, we were evacuated by a flooding river for 8 days. We are all okay, no damage, the house didn't flood, but the well and septic system were underwater.

May 15 2023

Now to get back to where we were and pick up the pieces. There are furniture pieces still stranded waiting for a new home, some to a friend and some to Habitat for Humanity's Re store.

One plan I have for the near future is to get a puppy - we need to find a house first, but then the excitement begins. First thing will be to find the exact right name. Here's a list of plant names for my dog . I've been collecting toys and harnesses, leashes and long lines for this event. I call it my puppy layette .

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