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May 01, 2024

I'm loving the warm days of this time of the year, and the longer hours of daylight.

May 1 2024

I have so many ideas burbling around in my brain, waiting for their turn. I started with planting some potatoes in a spare bit of the garden, and to protect them, stuck some birch twigs in a circle around them. Then, so as not to waste the twigs, planted peas at their feet. The peas will grow up the twigs, and be done at about the same time as the potatoes will be ready to dig up.

Another project is getting the 5000 kilometer sempervivum finally planted in their very own garden. Using the old flue liner from the demolished chimney was a stroke of genius for perfect drainage in this rainy climate. With higher humidity comes the threat of rotting roots, especially for succulent plants. I think I've solved that problem, and for now, the semps look pretty happy.

There's still time for pruning an old apple tree or if you feel that you've left it too late, tie string around the branches you would like to cut off, and run your eye over it once in a while. Sometimes, you change your mind over which branches should stay and which should go.

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