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Frill Free Zone Newsletter
March 01, 2024

We're almost into spring now! The plants under the grow lights are happily sprouting new growth and roots, almost getting ready to repot.

March 1 2024

With spring almost here, there are lots of things to take care of - things like double checking the days to transplant information on the backs of seed packages or in the seed catalogues just to be sure that the scheduling in on track. No point in getting tomatoes planted if you won't have a place to put them. Don't get ahead of yourself.

By the end of March I should be okay to plant petunia seeds, like purple wave and the like, for putting in containers and hanging baskets.

I purchased several grow lights for seedlings and cuttings to give me a jump on the season with room for many tiny terracotta pots with rosemary cuttings, bigger ones with ivy cuttings trained around hoops made of wire, and any number of recycled containers with Streptocarpus seeds in them.

If you plan on growing some flowering plants or succulents in funky containers, make sure you join the Rustic And Succulents Group to share your ideas and get inspired. We'd love to have you!

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