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Frill Free Zone Newsletter Q&A
June 15, 2022

I've had several questions about weeding in the last little while - and no wonder! Weeds love the warm temperatures and rain that we often get in June, and outgrow our crops. There are many ways to weed, some of which are more physical than others.

June 15 2022

We're not going to talk about chemical weed killers here, which are definitely not in the scope of this site. All the solutions you'll find here are earth friendly.

To start with, here are a few general rules; one is that weeds are plants, and as such, require access to sunlight, water and nutrition. Take at least one of those factors out of play and you can beat them.

Weeds are just a plant growing in the wrong place; this means that even something super cute and friendly like Johnny Jump Ups could be considered a weed if it's in the middle of the path.

Cover the weeds with something that blocks out the light, and you will get rid of them, eventually. The trick is to start early, and don't give up, even in late summer, as they will continue to grow even after you harvest the crops, and will seed in the fall, as soon as you take your eyes off them.

Find out more earth-friendly-weed-control.html techniques.

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