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Frill Free Zone Newsletter
June 01, 2024

Summer is in the offing (that means close) and if you haven't planted your tomatoes outside, this is the time to do it. I would still keep an eye on the weather forecast, both for frost advisories and strong winds, as well as hail. Any of these can happen at any time.

June 1 2024

The hail is the most damaging, ripping the leaves right off and bashing the whole plant into the ground. Sometimes they can recover, but it's often a dead loss.

Always have some thunderstorm protection ready for your plants in case of inclement (or downright hostile) weather events. Even just some old sheets that can be brought into service and thrown over the plants can give them enough protection from the elements.

This year, I'm trialing out some grow bags. These are the ones made from fabric, with handles so you can move them around. So far, they work great to weigh down the row cover for frost protection. I use a double layer, with a stick in the loop so I can quickly throw it over the plants.

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