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Frill Free Zone Newsletter Q&A
June 01, 2022

One thing people are always interested in, and I've explored a lot is high nitrogen natural fertilizers, and how to apply them. If you signed up for this email a long time ago, you probably didn't get the chance to download the free Guide to Applying Natural Fertilizers. Go and get it on the 10-best-high-nitrogen-natural-fertilizers.html page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the form to fill it.

June 1 2022

With the weather warming up (finally!) watering your garden will be important from now until the fall, especially on newly seeded or interplanted beds. Find out more about succession-planting.html here.
What kinds of crops can you seed early? Most of us have already got peas, kale, other brassicas like broccoli sprouted, which don't mind cooler nights. Other popular crops to plant are things to put in salads, like lettuce or radishes. Find out how-to-grow-micro-greens.html - they're one of the most nutritious types of plants, and add so much flavor.
Turn your compost often now, and make sure it doesn't dry out. Keep a plastic bag on the top (I keep my soil bags or steer manure bags for this) and help the moisture get recycled back into the pile.
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