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Frill Free Zone Newsletter Q&A
July 15, 2022

The heat could become unbearable in July, unless you take steps. Dogs in particular suffer from heat - and no wonder! They sweat only from their tongues, and a little bit from their feet. Imagine how that would feel to wear a thick fur coat, and not be able to take it off.

I developed a few ways to keep dogs cool in summer.

July 15 2022

If you've been disappointed in your compost,and how it's performing don't take it to heart! Learning how to make compost is not one and done; it's a life long learning process. I continually tweak and reassess.

Find out what to do if your compost is too cold.

Tony wrote a page on calcium deficiency and how to fix it. I think there are a lot of ways to approach this, but Tony went with the most organic method. See more about how to fix calcium deficiency in plants. As always, pin the picture so you can re-visit it when you need to. I always have at least one image on every page to pin or share on other social media.
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