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July 01, 2024

It's the beginning of July, and global warming, or climate change is up and running. In my neck of the woods, it's now hurricane season, which means that storms starting out in the mid Atlantic ocean conceivably can become very strong and use the warmth of the water to fuel their growth.

July 1 2024

If this happens, it has the potential to become very bad for places on the eastern sea board, such as where I am. Luckily, I'm above the tide line, and it's unlikely we would see a strong storm surge, which is what does a lot of damage.

Our place - a brick house - went through Fiona, which people are still recovering from. She is now the benchmark of storm strength.

If a hurricane heads our way, we'll get a lot of warning ahead of time, enough time to fuel up the generator and have more fuel put by in the garage to use if the power is out for an extended period. We have a freezer and fridge that will run on the generator, so food won't spoil.

In addition, we don't have any trees close to the house, which experience shows is where there was a lot of damage from past storms, due to trees being uprooted or losing limbs to the winds.

A range of water storage, from drinking water to a bucket of water to flush the toilet can keep us fairly comfortable until power is restored. Showers, laundry and dishes can be safely put off to later.

Another thing the generator runs is the sump pump in the basement. This prevents the basement from flooding, so is crucial to have. If you have questions for me, use the contact form, I answer every one.

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