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January 01, 2024

The very first day of a brand new year! It's very exciting, and sobering.

January 1 2024

Have you ordered your seeds yet? I placed one order, from Mackenzie Seeds. They were speedy in filling and shipping the order, a huge bonus in my mind. There are many other Canadian seed companies who will send you a catalogue in the mail if you ask for one, or, do as I did and use their online ordering system.

Once all your seeds arrive, you can sort them into groups; those that need to be started indoors, once. The ones that can be sown outdoors very first thing in the spring to take advantage of the cool spring weather. Then those that need to be planned for subsequent sowings to fill gaps of harvested crops, or for the fall.

Some vegetables will fit into more than one category. I don't keep a spreadsheet, but you may like to plan your garden in this way.

Your spring garden planning might be a lot less constructed. I tend to have great plans to start with, but it all becomes much more organic and spontaneous as the year progresses! Stay tuned for more on the garden plans in progress - including a patio design, and some earth work to prevent flooding of the back garden.

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