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Frill Free Zone Newsletter
September 15, 2021

The Frill Free Zone Newsletter is going to a different format - hope you enjoy it! Now, instead of a link to a page on the website in your browser, the newsletter will be right in your inbox.

The joy of living the homesteading life palls if you don't have the money to buy essential items. No matter how great the food you produce, sometimes you need actual cash to get more supplies, animals to raise, or anything else that you can't barter for. Let your homestead fund your needs! make-money-homesteading.html
Growing plants from seeds or cuttings is a lot of fun - even more so when you have a convenient and comfortable place to work, with all the tools handy.

Build your own plant propagation station to prepare plants for over the winter, get seeds cleaned and ready for storage, or even to take cuttings to put in the kitchen window. All the supplies should be close at hand;

Preparing for the arrival of a new puppy? Find out what I recommend having on hand, before she shows up and just wants to play (and bite)! puppy-layette.html
I hope you've enjoyed the new format - let me know if you have any suggestions, fill out the survey in the link below (scroll down to find it), or contact me directly; contact.html
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