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Frill Free Zone Newsletter
February 01, 2022

What's your plan for this season? Grow a few veggies in pots to supplement the grocery store? Raise a few chicks hatched out in an incubator? Sell some firewood? These are all valid money making endeavors for the homestead.

There are lots of ways to move your homestead forward. Maybe make some bone meal out of those bones you've been hoarding, or the ones the dog left out in the snow.

There are all kinds of fun projects that don't need a ton of resources. How about a coracle bed made from twigs? If you've wondered how you can use those willow rods, try this for a raised bed or a compost bin;
Tips and tricks for your household help make your life easier. What better way to save money and have fresh smelling sheets and towels but to dry them on the line?
If you haven't got your trees pruned yet, now's the time! Apple and pear trees should be done while dormant and before they sprout those delicate leaves and flower buds. There is a right way and a wrong way;
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