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Frill Free Zone Newsletter
May 01, 2023

Plans and visions and dreams are changing all over the place. There are images of what the farm will look like in my mind, and thoughts about how to achieve it all occur in the middle of the night.

May 1 2023

The exciting part about moving to a completely new place is the difference between what we know, and imagining how it will be in a novel area, with people we don't know.

I can't wait to discover people who are homesteading or farming or gardening in this new environment. I'm experienced in growing vegetables and flowers in the places I've already lived, but no matter how similar, it won't be the same. Growing vegetables in pots has always appealed to me - you have full control over the soil, what kind of crops you plant, and also if they aren't doing as well as you'd like, you can easily move them.

Some plants, like lettuce and other greens, prefer some shade. If you plant them in a garden, you may have to cover them in full sun so they don't burn. If they're in a pot, just move the pot into a more shady spot.

I'm looking forward to finding finding new haunts, where I will unearth treasures to plant in, or decorate with, or use for something different. Thrift stores are a good source for all kinds of things, and yard sales often have larger items for sale.

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