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Frill Free Zone Newsletter
November 01, 2021

It's been a tough few weeks here on the homestead. We had to make the incredibly hard choice of letting our old dog go to the Rainbow Bridge. He had a wonderful life here, for over 15 years, so no regrets there. We were just being selfish even after he told us we should let him go. We'll grieve for this good dog for a long time.

You'll see Bracken on many of the pages of this website, including on the contact page;

He loved hearing the 528 hertz music, up until the time he lost his hearing and went deaf. It calmed him and helped him relax, so we played this a lot during the time he was aging.
The best place, in his mind, was directly in front of the wood stove after a long romp outside in the cold.
If you've lost a pet that meant as much as Bracken did, you'll know how sad it can be. Even knowing that he was suffering, I still hated to let him go. His final resting place is on the hillside above our house where he'll always be watching out for us.
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