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Frill Free Zone Newsletter
February 15, 2024

We had the storm of the century here where I am - with over 3' of snow in places!

February 15 2024

In our new home, in a village where we don't know anyone, we were pleasantly surprised at how helpful people are. The mayor, who has a tractor with a snow blower on the back, went around to anyone with a driveway and blew the snow out - sometimes the drifts were up to 8' high.

This restored my faith in humanity.

In other news, just because we had a major storm, doesn't stop time's march towards spring. I went to the ends of the earth and bought some supplies to get some baby plants going. I got a shelf unit that I can hang grow lights from the shelves, and also got the light fixtures. They are LED lights, so extremely cheap to run.

Another thing I'll be doing in the next little while will be to make compost tea to feed my houseplants, and any veggies that I sow in the next little while.

In the plans are to sow some Streptocarpus seeds, which are beautiful flowering plants that resemble orchids. I will also be sowing some hardy perennials that will populate my pollinator garden.

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