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Frill Free Zone Newsletter
February 15, 2023

I don't have any plans to sow seeds this spring as we'll be moving soon from a rental house on a farm near the river. The goal is to purchase a new house (well, new to us) with a small bit of land (1-3 acres) and get established before the summer heat.

February 15 2023

Some of my plans include a small flock of chickens eventually, maybe a fun breed like Icelandic chickens. These are tough and cold hardy and produce smallish eggs a bit bigger than a bantam egg. The hens are very pretty, usually shades of peach, tan and gold with darker tails.

If I do get a particular heritage breed, I'll raise them the same way as other backyard chickens. Other plans include a dog - I've wanted a puppy for a long time, but I would be happy with a rescue from SPCA or other organization.

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