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Frill Free Zone Newsletter Q&A
April 15, 2022

There have been a lot of questions over the years, and now it's time to try and answer a few of them. If you have any queries for me to answer, reply to this email.

April 15 2022

So is your garden planted? I've been asked how on earth to stop a dog from digging in the garden. I gave it some thought, and here are a few ways.
If possible, and you own your own land, build a fence. The nicest fences are good to look at, yet sturdy enough to keep out vermin or larger animals. I like to make fences from cut branches and twigs. Another system is to decorate a chain link fence with twigs, to disguise the industrial look of it.
Take some time and teach your dog to stay out of the garden using positive reinforcement. Use a garden hose laid out surrounding the garden area, and move around it with the dog on a leash (not for corrections, but for guidance), and give reinforcement (treats) when the dog is staying on the outside of the hose.

In time, you can be on the inside of the hose outline, using a helper who holds the leash. Treat the dog when it stays outside the hose.

Finally, the dog will be happy to stay on the outside of the hose while you garden if he gets treats and praise. This might take a while until you can take the hose away, but be sure to go back to the beginning, as this will be a different thing entirely.

Eventually, your dog will look forward to you going into the garden, as it means he can watch you and eat his treats.

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