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April 15 2021

Welcome to the Frill Free Zone.  Here's what's up this month;

Frill Free Zone April 15 2021

We're in a nice warming trend, but the only way you would know is by the sound of turkeys out in the bush, finding a mate.  The females make a high pitched little chirp, the boys gobble in response.  Give it a month, and we could see a whole flock of little turkeys running around!

If you have chickens, or plan to get some, make sure you give some thought to Bantams.  They are a lot smaller than regular breeds, and the eggs correspondingly so.  They are so much fun to watch, it's hard to get anything else done!

Bantam Roosters

I've seen people plant their potatoes right around now, which you certainly could do in plastic bags or tires stacked on top of each other.

Potatoes in Plastic Bags

Composting is one of the cornerstones of the organic garden.  Do you have some favorite tips? Use these instructions for the best success with your compost;

Composting Instructions

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