A Look Back, A Look Ahead

Where We Are Now

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2015 was a year of fear and uncertainty, with wildfires burning in the vicinity, spreading smoke and ashes all over.  This made the continuing building come to a grinding halt.

A Look Back, A Look Ahead - where we are now with the building of Pearls Place...

There are now piles of 1x6" lumber, rough cut fir, piled with sticks to allow air movement.  What's that for?  The board and batten siding that is slated for installation, hopefully starting in the spring of 2015. 

The soffits, under the eaves, finally got done after a bunch of agonizing over the exact right way to install it.  It looks fine, and it will keep the squirrels out. 

After one episode of a critter in the attic, we don't want any more.  That's the problem with living in the bush; it's really difficult to critter proof your buildings.

The plan of building an addition onto the front of the house had to be postponed, as is the case with many of our projects.  It's important not to get too wrought up over changing plans, it's inevitable.  The addition is to be a porch and a mudroom, with trusses for a roof structure, so it's in line with the look of Craftsman style buildings that are so appealing.

The mud room will certainly come in handy - the dogs bed, our boots and coats, recycling, the vacuum and the broom and probably a pantry - everything will be in its place, quickly to hand, but not in the way. 

In the spring, we'll be springing into action alright - there is still lots to do, even though we've come a long way in two years.  Looking back, it's hard to believe we haven't always lived in our tiny house.

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