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Frill Free Zone Newsletter
November 15, 2021

Winter is not far off - we've been so fortunate in the weather - it's given us an opportunity to finish off all the winter prep chores, like a last bit of pruning, another load of firewood, and planting cover crops. What kinds of chores do you get done in November?

There are lots of different cover crops, from alfalfa to ryegrass. They are all similar in that they are fast growing to start with, and protect that precious soil from erosion in those strong fall rains, and they also help break it up for easy digging in the spring.

In your spare time, now that the garden's put to bed, maybe there are some crafts you could tackle. Maybe even some Christmas crafts!
Enjoy this break in the action. Before you know it, things will be jumping again, as soon as the seed catalogues show up in the mail.
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